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Installation of New Door and Roof for Titanium Metals Corporation

Prior to contacting ETS Schaefer:

“We had reached the point where we were shutting down the furnaces just about every weekend for repairs,” explained Lee Douds, Titanium Metals Corp's maintenance supervisor.

Timet's #32 furnace
Roof: 17ft., 6 in. wide x 26 ft., 4 in. deep
Door: 11 ft., 4 in. high x 17 ft., 7 in. wide
Typical operating temperatures: from 1400 to 2300ºF


Titanium Metals Corp. (Timet), a forger in Toronto, Ohio, produces titanium billet, bar, aerostrip, aeroplate, industrial strip, tube and plating used in applications requiring the strict specifications of titanium. Of Timet's eight ingot furnaces, three were built in the early 1970's and the remaining were completed in the '80's. After years of continuous use, Timet was looking for a better roof and door design to reduce repair downtime and save on energy costs. When originally built, the furnace was lined with rammed refractory in the roof, back and side walls while the door was brick lined. The furnace had a refractory bullnose lintel with a water-cooled jacket that was not faring well and contributed to continuous costly downtime.

2“We researched several monolithic lining systems and the Monster Module™ system was the best. Through engineering meetings, the roof design was established and the project moved forward," explained Douds. "Two ETS Schaefer crews worked within our 24-hour turnaround time to complete the installation amid continuous production from three other furnaces.”

In a trial application, ETS Schaefer replaced the roof and door for Timet's number 32 furnace with its Monster Module™ system. Its one-piece continuous construction offered a precision fit, free of through joints for a furnace with no hot spots. The project was completed in mid-1996. To date, Timet has reported no downtime due to lining repairs. Timet combustion engineer, Jim Homerosky, has documented energy savings of approximately $500 per operating week of seven, 24-hour days, in addition to the savings recouped from the eliminated downtime.

Based on the success of this trial application, Timet commissioned ETS Schaefer to supply and install new roofs and doors for the remaining seven ingot forge furnaces using the Monster Module™ system.

Replacement of No. 4 Reheat Furnace Roof at Mittal Steel

“In 2006 ETS Schaefer, LLC installed a new ceramic fiber roof in the No. 4 Reheat Furnace at Mittal Steel in Steelton, PA. This project was a huge success for the customer, resulting in significant fuel savings and reduced maintenance downtime. Please take a look a the Industrial Heating Article for the full story.”